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The International Solidarity Network

About ConnectAID

ConnectAID is an environmental, humanitarian, social, and philanthropic network of networks focusing on achieving together the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The International Solidarity Network is on a mission. We want to be a part of the change and to encourage solidarity differently. 

Our goal is to connect you to international aid, for greater social, humanitarian and environmental impact. Together, we support, communicate about and advocate for SDG initiatives by building bridges and breaking silos between international organizations, foundations, corporations and individuals, for solidarity to become the norm. 

We offer a new approach of international solidarity: the belief that together we can tackle sustainable development and the disastrous consequences of global detrimental events.

Why You Should Join 

This network is for individual change makers:

To connect with international aid to deliver lasting positive change.

To contribute to achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

To grow your network by creating your personal profile, inviting your friends, sharing posts and connecting with change makers from all around the world.

To find your cause: Your newsfeed will inform you of current humanitarian and environmental issues, while keeping you up to date with vetted SDG projects. We can help you support international nonprofit projects which have been carefully been selected. You can choose to invest directly in some actions on the ground knowing that there are no commission on the direct donations.

To witness the impact of your generosity.

To exchange ideas and potential actions for addressing local and global challenges related to sustainable development such as poverty, climate action, access to health and education and more.

To be inspired by other purpose-driven individuals who care about creating a better, more equitable world where solidarity is the norm.

To positively impact lives and protect our planet, with the idea that together we are much stronger.

We have communities in different languages. Beside English, you can also join here our communities in French, Spanish or German!

For NGOs, Foundations and Corporations

If you are representing an nonprofit international organization, a Foundation or a Corporation and wish to join as Member or Partner, please here is where you can register:

Join as NGO Member

Join as Corporate partner

 We look forward to having you on board! Together, we are so much stronger! Fore more information

How it works

In a few clicks, you can create your member profile, with access to private messages, the ability create posts with photos and videos, group chats, updates by Sustainable Development Goal, discussion forums... and more.

On the International Solidarity Network you can:
• meet people nearby and internationally
• join various community spaces such as the Youth Academy
• engage in communities in different languages,
• find volunteering opportunities,
• watch livestreaming,
• join international online events, meetings and webinars related to sustainable development.

You can even download a mobile app on your phone, join courses, follow concrete actions on the ground from our vetted NGO partners active all around the world, and be inspired by humanitarian and environmental action to be part of the change.

In brief, this is the place to be for purpose, solidarity and SDG online action. 

Your planet. Your people. Your network.